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Ceramic Coating Package

Our ceramic coating package offers the highest level of paint protection for your vehicle. Where the strongest waxes and sealants last up to one year our ceramic coating gives you 3-5 years of protection. The benefits of ceramic coating don’t stop with longer protection.


Where waxes and sealants sit on top of the clear coat ceramic coating bonds with the clear coat adding an additional layer of protection
This added layer of protection gives you more durability against minor scratches and swirls
It increases the reflective properties of your clear coat giving it that showroom shine
Without the need for additional waxing over the time span makes it cost effective
The ceramic coating turns your clear coat hydrophobic making any water or liquid substances fall off the car without leaving any water spots
It repeals pollen, dirt, and mud with a simple wash

Price Starts at $1,350 **

** Two Door (Additional pricing below)
  • Four Door $1,450

    Service features listed above

  • Mid Size $1,550

    Service features listed above

  • SUV/Truck $1,650

    Service features listed above

  • EXT//XL $1,750

    Service features listed above